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Thousands Of Stray Dogs Killed In lieu Of The Sochi Olympics - “These dogs are biological trash.” - Alexei Sorokin (owner of dog catching co.)
The Incestual Realization Of Han Solo - “While George Lucas has always maintained that he wrote the original Star Wars trilogy with the entire storyline in mind, most fans of the films believe otherwise, pointing to not only the love triangle Luke, Leia, and Han, but also the obvious romance/sexual chemistry between Luke and Leia established in the first two films.
“Random Thoughts” Presents: The Law School Dropout (Interview) - AJ from “Random Thoughts” made his way out to Pittsburgh over the summer to interview Ray Dawn at the legendary Timebomb Shop.
19 keys to success - “You have to do the hard things. The things that no one else is doing. The things that scare you. The things that make you wonder how much longer you can hold on.  Those are the things that define you. Those are the things that make the difference between living a life of mediocrity or outrageous [...]
Crooked NYC cops use 9/11 for fraud! - “Fuck the police, fuck the police” fuck ‘em!” Recently New York County’s District Attorney’s office handed down 106 indictments, charging police officers and firefighters with fraud.
Butcher displays amazing vegan rant! - Couldn’t have said it better myself!
Best Family Feud Answer ever! - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
French air for $7.50 a can -    Antoine Deblay, a student from southwest France is making money selling cans of air from his town.


Walking out of a law school final exam tendered a rush Raymond Sims had never felt before. Naturally more brazen than most, Ray quietly closed his exam booklet and gathered his belongings.  Feeling freer than he had ever felt before, for the first time Ray knew exactly what he wanted out of life.

In a study session the week prior, Ray’s contracts professor shared an inspirational story about a tough time in her life. Her mother had passed away while she was studying law at Northwestern University. She revealed that it was her passion for the law that fueled her determination to succeed. As Ray drove home he found himself questioning his true intentions.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, the importance of becoming a third-generation college graduate was highly stressed in Ray’s upbringing.

“College was never a choice, it was either go or move out,” Ray said.

The night before he left home to attend Western Michigan University, Ray found himself watching the Source Hip Hop Awards.  As he finished packing, Snoop Dogg nonchalantly walked onto stage, accepted an award and enthusiastically pronounced that he was a proud high school dropout.  Ray’s jaw dropped to the floor. “If he can do it then I can too,” Ray thought to himself.  He wrote his first song that night.

As a freshman, Ray wrote a song a day.  Living in a college dorm at the height of Napster’s uninhibited popularity allowed Ray to consume mass amounts of music in a short amount of time.  Rapping consumed him, but he kept it to a hobby. Sure, friends supported his newfound talent, but would his parents?

His junior year, music and fraternity party life left little to no time for studying. Nearing expulsion, Ray opted to retire from making music to focus on school more. The following semester Ray earned perfect marks for the first time in his academic career. High on his newfound success, Ray graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in English and enrolled into Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

At the recommendation of a friend, Ray revisited his passion for making music and entered a contest sponsored by Ford/Lincoln/Mercury and Chicago Hip Hop artist Common. Calling on up-and-coming rappers and singers to submit original music videos, Ray surpassed thousands from across the country, earning top 5 honors. More impressively, Ray’s contest entry was the first song he had written in years.  This accomplishment coupled with his professor’s story was all the catalyst Ray needed.

In 2008 Ray moved back to Pittsburgh to wholeheartedly pursue a career in Hip Hop.  Armed with a fresh direction and an unparalleled work ethic, Ray entered Pittsburgh’s indie music scene with a vengeance for success. To date Ray has released 6 projects, his first being The Gift of Desperation.

Last Sleep of Arthur, Ray’s most recent release is strongly considered to be his greatest work thus far. Labeled an “intriguing” entry by the City Paper, Ray takes listeners on an introspective narrative, creatively intertwining life anecdotes with the legend of King Arthur.  Dedicated to his late grandparents, Last Sleep of Arthur is widely considered to be a Hip Hop landmark in Pittsburgh.

Now a mainstay and crowd favorite at music festivals like SXSW and A3C, Ray is now more poised than ever to make his exam day revelation a reality.  Surpassing Snoop Dogg the high school dropout, surpassing Kanye West the college dropout, it’s only a matter of time before Ray is “your favorite law school dropout”.



And it was just a dream…uh!

My top laid back, got my shades pulled down
Let my RedTape burn, girl light the whole town
We ‘gon light the whole town, girl I’m soon to be King keep a cup fulla Crown
Got my top laid back, got my shades pulled down
Let my RedTape burn, girl light the whole town
We ‘gon light the whole town, now soon to be King keep a cup fulla Crown

[Verse 1]
If this ain’t livin’ why should I bother to breathe
Change a season main reason I’m leavin’ speedin’ down the interstate
Gotta fill my dinner plate concentrate while I demonstrate
Pardon my juggernaut jargon only tryin’ to innovate
I see your fake, body language sayin’ hate
Why your baby mama late, I ain’t let her in the room
I ain’t tryin’ to get no brain, baby failed right outta school
And you went and scooped her up she got you lookin’ like a fool
Marathon game weak not in my crew
First place Ray took the gold my dude
Slow up before the finish line like I’m ‘posed to
Got your personal best lookin’ real slow dude
…We bout to blow so cliché
Keep your Ray bans on yall when you see Ray
The boy shinin’, he been grindin’
RIP to my Grandparents they my lineman


[Verse 2]
My city at night is so beautiful, beautiful
Hit it for a little baby please watch your cuticle
Good vibes miniscule, his lies it’s pitiful
The sidelines there he go, primetime never though
Einstein subliminals I’m fine wine hospitable
These other dudes expendable I bet you’re really bendable
Lemme see you bounce your ass to my syllables
Lemme see each cheek move in separate intervals
Centerfold on the side baby if you don’t mind
…You really want all my time
You think you worth all that juss cause your ass fat you ‘gon need more than that

Change Seasons
It takes balls to chase your dreams (balls)
All the neysayers they see what you do you know
I’m in ATL, I’m in Texas, I’m in New York…all the time

[Verse 1]
I love Pittsburgh this city’s my home
But I gotta see the world, gotta see Rome
Private flight flown leave at night arrive morn
Bought a one way ticket don’t know when I comin’ home
Not lookin’ back like I had to jump bond
Had to sell a few shares ditch a few junk bonds
No phones calls turned all my cells off
I’m enjoyin’ this shit, cause I work my ass off
Passport Dreams helped a yacht cast off
Toss a glance lady salivate keep the Pavlov
Change my currency I’m currently amazed
At the current state a euros, they might be leavin’ Greece
Never no grease, olive oil wit the fish
A few clams is a must we don’t rush when we sit
Mush to the lust, concierge buzz us in
Let’s sin, let’s sin

California dreamin’, sail the Caribbean
Keep a hideaway faraway when I wanna change seasons
Won’t even need a reason
Only time I feel snow, when I go skiin’
California dreamin’, sail the Caribbean
Keep a hideaway faraway when I wanna change seasons
Won’t even need a reason
Everywhere I go, ladies know, I’m leavin’

[Verse 2]
Fall’s my favorite season it’s somethin’ about the foli
Bet I bless a fresh hoodie keep my wardrobe holy
Live wit no regrets, cause an old head told me
Please don’t be too quick to judge, if you really don’t know me
Facade so phony ya facade so phony
Cant be my tenderoni still you get the pepperoni
Cause you been a good girl these other girls more phony
The very same old head told me Ray -
Never put pescado where you keep the guacamole
When you hittin’ shots all day baby what is a goalie
Yeah I’m sittin’ on my team’s shoulders feelin’ like Kobe
After press conferences I’m somewhere smoky
In between locales I’m chillin’ out low key
Overseas ocean breeze so relieved smokin’ trees
Please believe homie I converse wit dames
That’ll make ya babe look homely, pick up ya face homie

JC Pimpin'
[Verse 1: Ray Dawn]
I came quite a way and Ray’s not done yet
I’m hittin’ threes all day while lames cryin’ to the ref
Try to sell ya second best, just a waste a time
I try to keep my pace laced with wit world news headlines
TMZ won’t need a flash because the boy shines
Girls go crazy gimme head lose they mind
Success on my mind, success on time
Never second-guess the lesson lesson on me
Most a you claimin’ a full tank really on E
Never seen a Molly never seen a Mary Jane
Mayne you suckas sound lame and you never wore chukkas
Ma’fuckas stop playin’ make me go Super Saiyan
What you really sayin’
Lo ciento, no entiendo
I came to spend dough smokin’ up a limo
En route to the in-store, baby shift my stick slow

Joe Cool Pimpin’
Caught in the oval office kept Mrs. Clinton
Joe Cool Pimpin’
Caught in the oval office kept Mrs. Clinton
Blue skirt missin’, girl you feel different
See I can’t be impeached this Joe Cool Pimpin’
Blue skirt missin’, girl you feel different
See I can’t be impeached this Joe Cool Pimpin’

[Verse 2: Ray Dawn]
Joe Cool Pimpin’
Caught in the oval office kept Mrs. Clinton
The boy shines got the whole room squintin’
Free shades for the kid when he walk in
Shout out to Blasfome family we’ll never fit in
Be our own person was the plan from the beginnin’
And the same reason on a daily why we winnin’
Cheshire Cat grinnin’ yeah we big face gettin’
Uh, ya broad’s a pigeon
A little bread in the park she flaunt that kitten
My nuts a baseball, her face a mitten
This ain’t a prank call this is how I’m livin’
I’m gettin’ dipped in pure gold when I die
Don’t slow when I die, live it up before you die
Baby girl let’s slide ya man’s blowin’ my high
Don’t even tell that mothafucka bye
[Verse 3: Ohini Jonez]

NB 420
Could you turn it up a ‘lil bit?
I got ‘em on right now matter fact
NB 420’s! (Yeah)

[Verse 1]
I used to have doubts, I used to lose sleep
Now I’m sleeping like a baby got the thickest concrete
I don’t hear the doubters speak, not a single peep
I’ll never forget what they said I got all the receipts
I’m standn’ on my own feet, you bitches need stilts
All your views bought cause you got no skills
Don’t know to follow first before askin’ if we can build
Don’t acknowledge your presence get the message you feel
Play with an open wound then the cut’ll never heal
It’s nothin’ personal my person can’t fuck with what isn’t real
It’s not about a deal it’s about doin’ what I love
…Ray Dawn shrug
See I keep my people positive no need to mean mug
A few milli in the bank you’ll never see me in the club
Don’t take it as a snub bruh, go and pop bottles
Order moscato for hollow next top models kaaaay

[Hook] x2
Ain’t a damn thing funny
Everyday the same thing you gotta make money
(Get Money)
Yet it still feels lovely gettin’ paid in the same New Balance 420s
(Get Money)

[Verse 2]
I gotta make money gotta gotta make bucks
You see nothin’ came lucky I been workin’ til dusk
Earned what I got hush grindin’ is a must
Plus every touch a touchdown my punter don’t punt
Never split a dutch, gotta roll RedTape
Transparencies a really good trait
This a really good drink potato vodka on the rocks
Watch two years from now my whole team’ll have yachts
Four years from now their own team’ll have yachts
Six years from now their team’s team’ll have yachts
That’s a whole lotta yachts, whole lotta guap
That’s a whole lotta top baby girl don’t stop
Mop ‘til it pop girl finish yo plate
I don’t wanna see a single drop on your pretty face
Head back to my place so I can count this money
Please feel free to slip in somethin’ more comfy

[Hook] x2

[Verse 3]
Always on my job got damn I’m goin’ hard
Why settle for a yard when you can go and get a yacht
Visit anywhere you want, I’ma see the whole world
Be a culinary visionary cook it for your girl
Marinate I’m barely lit I need a lotta reefer
Rolled nicely for our visit we ‘gon see the Coliseum
Slide up in Roman, gotta wear a Trojan
Invade the Billboard they never saw me comin’
Law school dropout my Klout score jumpin’
Iced latte fresh blueberry muffin
Got it for the love cashier want some cuttin’
So I gave her my number life’s short fuck the fronitn’
Later that night she came over we was fuckin’
And her head so good my B- squared can keep buzzin’
Smokin’ on some Irish got both our vision Dublin
Let’s overlook the incest, call your hot cousin
[Hook] x2

Ayo, if my voice sounds a little more horse…pause on that
Shout outs to my boy E he’s doin’ his comedy thing
I’m proud to see you chasin’ your dream man shit feels good don’t it
Fasho…but yeah but shit my, my voice is horse cause I got that RedTape workin’ for me

[Verse 1]
Six pack a Oberon show me my pagoda
Them Division 1 college days we ate that bologna
Shit was all good dem chicks would chop wood
And they had it understood the walk-of-shame was the cost
The shit I used to do, be ashamed of these broads
They prolly got two or three kids right now
She prolly play my shit when she take ‘em through town
Mini-van soccer Mom always swervin’ wit a smile
She knew me way back when
I used to donate plasma cop shitty ass gin
Bought my books wit bad checks
Any means necessary take yo respect
Pop’s said it took too long but he never cut a check
Shit he never went himself now he wanna count my wealth
…No hard feelings
Pittsburgh where I did show me where the ceilings

I didn’t do it on my own
Ray Dawn had a 6-pack a Oberon
College days were bomb
Skip class grab a 6-pack a Oberon
Cute girls, new thongs
Took a few rips off a chick’s new bong
College days were the bomb
Skip class grab a 6-pack a Oberon

[Verse 2]
6-pack a Oberon I got me my diploma
Showed ya finished on the Dean’s list nigga I told ya
Didn’t I show ya when you thought it was over
What’s a four-leaf clover when you buy a Rover cash
Hit the fast lane lames gonna get passed
Yeah ye out the crew forgive yaself thus life won’t last
We all got a day with the reaper that’s a fact
When I see him believe I’ma high-five him and share a laugh
Talk is cheap last row third seat
Ya dumbass missed the lesson in the class you was sleep
Bout my business got bitches
Class clown got A’s when he got vicious
Now looky I’ma rapper
Feel grateful that you got the chance to change my Pampers
Your ignorance took for granted
Thrown away easy cause your ass never planned it
[Hook] x2

[Verse 1]
Back up on my pimpin’ got baby girl smitten
Baby girl listen, I know you got a man
Girl here’s the plan listen
Let’s get missin’ we can dip this instant
Get so distant they’ll be persistent to file us both missin’
Let you buy me dinner can I put the tip in
If this ain’t pimipin’ girl tell me what is
I’m mackin’ on a man’s wiz while he takes a wiz girl you know that I’m the shiz

Ya man’s never on ya mind
Girl I’m seein’ all the signs how’s somethin’ on the side
Juss somethin’ on the side
Ma hit me on the celly whenever you wanna ride
Ya man never give you time
For the future keep in mind it’s juss somethin’ on the side
Juss somethin’ on the side
Ma hit me on the celly whenever you swingin’ by

[Verse 2]
Morning phone call baby girl wanna ball
Last night they had a fight and all night she balled
So I meet her at the mall and I front the ice cream
Watch her try on some Vicki thongs and True Religion jeans
Shit is never what it seems
All the cream for that ring don’t mean a damn thing
Cause you gotta keep her happy and you gotta make her laugh
You gotta have some patience and you gotta wax that ass
You the type a dude prolly got three moves
And got the nerve to wonder why her box is stingy wit the juice
Girl I keep the box flooded overfilled fish tanks
You can bet on it, big bank take ‘lil bank
Lemme pull rank, not for now he can have ya
Or so he thinks, let him baby sip his Fanta
Costanza coachin’ yo the coach can’t stand ya
Drool on my bamboo ya girl a glad panda


[Verse 3]
You’re so cool girl I might juss wanna date ya
Maybe let you sleep over maybe let you meet the neighbors
Maybe open up the stables let them bottom fillies out
Let you see what I’m about and let you take the city route
Show you where I grew up, the same place I blew up
And I live like so what, cheifin’ never sober
I’m leavin’ on my own girl you comin’ wit me
She is no Frisbee I can’t toss her back
Whenever she is wit me I’ma need her on my lap
Countin’ three to four snacks in-between feedin’ snacks
So a nigga can relax…sit back
And reflect on some shit smoke piff and sip yak
Gotta get this money, a known fact
Money get the honey…know fact
Never leave ya honey…known fact
Come wit me honey and ya no goin’ back, fact

[Intro: Ray Dawn]
Ray Dawn …
Three Rivers uh, see the waves…

[Verse 1: Ray Dawn]
I had a very vivid vision went and got busy
Why’d he quit law school the dude’s so, witty
Cause I saved me eighty grand I’m in command of my dream
I wake up in the morning drink my coffee wit some cream
Iron my jeans without a crease see, my fresh’ll never cease
I’m sailin’ overseas smoke reef we chiefin’
The ocean breeze I keep my aces up my sleeves
Keep all my receipts got, New Balance 420s coverin’ my feet
Plot the course north course sharks don’t sleep
LBJ jays sink tre’s all week
You can smell it in my sneaks I got your ankles feelin’ weak
Baby girl before you faint, will you have a seat
You can let your heart speak, do you mind a little weed
Let me sweep you off your feet, like the Bulls in ‘93
Tell the other fool to leave, he ain’t even on my level
He ain’t the type a brotha you bring around ya ghetto

[Hook: Beedie] x2
We on the rise like the bubbles from the ocean floor
Swimming thru the water like the land is what we comin for
[Verse 2: Beedie] 
(Yo… Uh…)
Crossin the ocean like I’m coastin from the coast to dock,
With soakin socks
Walkin on the water like I’m sposed to drop
Twice a year, I’m focused ahk.
On the rise, that’s no surprise
I go inside, my flow reside
Like runnin water… Purified
Still underground. Under seas,
Like Sebastian, so fuck wit me
Or Steven Segal. Under Siege.
See the seagulls? Birds that breeze….
Ya girl got meat like a flounder…
Look at them cheeks, I’ma pound her…
But it’s a big sea around her…. (around her….)
Plenty fish on that shark shit
Soon as they heard I’m a star fish
Been pushin weight like a barge ship
Smoke coral reef in my apartment
It’s always something exotic
Mind, body and soul groovin
Rollin deep, like a school of fish
My medulla sick, I’m gon lose it
We out here, tryna find Nemo
Most a my friends found the needle
You never know what’s in the deep though
Some fish a fuckin freak show…
Word to The Beatles, going deep in my submarine
Look at my shit bubbling…. Crown me the fuckin king.

[Hook 2: Beedie/Ray Dawn]
We on the rise like the bubbles from the ocean floor
Swimming thru the water like the land is what we comin for

[Ray Dawn]
We on the rise like the bubbles from the ocean floor
(Let ‘em know)
Views from the top floor ocean so beautiful

[Hook 3: Ray Dawn/Beedie]
Wave, wave, wave, wave
Wave, wave, wave, wave
Wave, wave, wave, wave
Wave, wave, wave, wave, uh


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